Smile Researched Curriculum – If the school is body then curriculum is its soul. A highly qualified team of consultants constantly works and improves the special curriculum of Creative Minds Pre School™. Curriculum is designed according to physical, psychological and mental development of different age groups kids. The curriculum at 'Creative Minds Pre School™ has been designed after studying various schools of thoughts - Play Way Method, Project Method, Montessori Method, Theme-based Model, and Multiple Intelligence Method. Having taken the strengths of each school of thought, we have developed our own methodology. While it provides the child with benefits of the various methods of learning, it does not rely on any single school of thought, eliminating the disadvantages of such dependency. With regular training of the facilitators along with the strong evaluation system to ensure quality standards, 'Creative Minds Pre School™ marches forward reaching milestones and adding feathers to its cap.

Smile Innovative Teaching Methods - At 'Creative Minds Pre School™, we hold a strong belief that great teaching involves great planning. Our R&D team has done a lot of the planning for the teachers by creating Lesson Plans that address the basic issues of:

  • What to teach?
  • When to teach?
  • In what sequence to teach? What follows what?
  • How to teach?
  • With what learning aids to teach?

Well-researched and documented lesson plans guide the teacher adeptly through the most effective teaching methods and activities. The lesson plans take the child through sequential learning steps, reinforcing previously learnt concepts and skills and introducing new ones in a fun and engaging manner.

Smile Low Child Teachers Ratio – Personal attention is the most important requirement of little ones. When a child starts to climb on the academic ladder then he spends second most maximum time of his day at the school, which initially fills his mind with fear and separation anxiety. Personal care, love and affection is usually the need of hour then. At 'Creative Minds Pre School™ believe an active teacher can handle and teach at max 10-12 kids, in an excellent way. This low child teachers ration ensures the best output from teachers as well kids.

Smile Trained, Experienced and Friendly Faculty - A great curriculum cannot produce the best results without great teachers. At 'Creative Minds Pre School™, a lot of care is taken to ensure we have qualified and well trained ‘facilitators’ to groom your precious little one! We follow a strict selection criteria under which we hand-pick qualified facilitators who love teaching children and have requisite qualifications / experience / apptitude. Once selected, our facilitators go through an intensive training program. They are provided with an understanding on how children grow, develop, and learn and apply these principles to practical classroom teaching methods.

Smile Personalized Parents Teachers Meetings – Communication between teachers and students should be regular and effective to discuss child’s behavior, habits, learning pattern etc. To ensure effective dialogue with parents, 'Creative Minds Pre School™ arranges personalized parents teachers meetings, which is like a ‘door opener’ for many parents. They get to know lot of unknown qualities and habits of their child from the teacher and a healthy discussion is carried out about child’s academic progress.

Smile SMS Alerts – Being tech savvy is no more a luxury now, in fact it’s the need of the hour. 'Creative Minds Pre School™ keeps in touch with all the parents through SMS. A parent may forget to check his child’s diary daily but when his mobile rings then certainly at that moment he’ll check, that what the message is. We use this opportunity to inform parents about all the latest happenings of the academic world of their little one.

Smile Located in the Heart of the City – When a child is beginning the academic journey, no parent would want to send his child far away. It’s always desired to have your child’s Pre School in the vicinity. 'Creative Minds Pre School™ is strategically located near Hemu Kalani Circle, which is heart of the Neemuch. It becomes very convenient for all the parents if they want to drop and pick up the child on their own or even if they are opting for transportation facility, it doesn’t dig a big hole in their pocket.

Smile Infrastructure - Infrastructure at 'Creative Minds Pre School™ is carefully designed to provide a blend of aesthetics, child-friendliness and functionality. 'Creative Minds Pre School™ is a child friendly place with a safe and hygienic environment and colorful ambience with child-appropriate teaching and learning aids. Infrastructure is selected considering the needs of our young ones at 'Creative Minds Pre School™ and is accompanied by the assorted teaching and learning aids that aim towards holistic development of every child.

Smile Soft Skills Training - We lay emphasis when it comes to a student's Attitude that is exhibited towards learning something new or when dealing with difficult situations and adapting to diverse situations in general. It is in this regard that rather than insisting upon carrying out repetitive and mundane classroom activities that most preschools tend to do, our teachers have been asked to make sure that the child develops the right propensity to make an individual decision and is prepared for higher education through curiosity and self-acceptance rather than being forced towards it. Thus, we help inculcate the desired Aptitude in each child whether it comes to being receptive for further learning, being socially adaptable or having a positive mindset.